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Type 9


Type 9s are easy-going, non- judgmental, and patient people who long for harmony with others and in their environments.

But these seemingly relaxed people struggle internally in a world rife with conflicts that threaten the comfort they crave. Believing it is their responsibility to ensure that people experience peace, respect, and are heard, they withdraw or numb their own feelings, dreams, and desires. They “go along to get along” to avoid the internal or external conflict they feel.

When trying to satisfy their longing for harmony, connection, and comfort apart from Christ, Type 9s can become conflict-avoidant, indecisive, passive, quickly overwhelmed, and numb to their lives.

Internally, they struggle to believe that their voice and opinions matter and become self-forgetting and self-belittling. Focusing too much on others, they lose their identity, merging with the thoughts, feelings, and agendas of others to achieve a false harmony.

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