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Type 8s’ decisive and assertive leadership style causes them to be powerful change agents in the world, especially when seeking justice and protection for others.

However, they feel an intense need to protect themselves against betrayal and powerlessness by always having an invincible exterior and minimizing any personal vulnerability.

Their fear of weakness and vulnerability, joined with their thirst for control, power, and justice, apart from Christ, can lead them to be too blunt, confrontational, insensitive, domineering, cynical, and even vengeful. Underneath their outward strength is a tender heart with a deep fear of betrayal. While other Types fear people and become passive, Type 8s fear people and become aggressive. Their personality says, “I’ll control them before they can control me. Inevitably, this self-protection ends up doing more harm than good. To protect themselves, Type 8s live in denial, suppressing any emotions that cause them to feel vulnerable, out of control or exposed, living as though they never existed.

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