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What is the Enneagram? 

"...the Enneagram is “the bridge between psychology and spirituality.” (The Wisdom of the Enneagram)


The Enneagram is a personality assessment tool that is popularly used to promote self-discovery, encourage empathy, and foster personal growth. It references nine primary archetypes, or personality groups, each identified by a number. These numerical values are charted on various points of the Enneagram’s physical representation as a geometric shape. 

The relationships between these symbolic numbers correlate to the interpersonal behaviors exhibited and experienced by the represented types. 

The Enneagram sheds light on those parts of ourselves that we have been blind to or hiding from. It can help us pinpoint and personalize our understanding through a finer set of distinctions than the nine basic types. Each type has two Wings and three Instinctual Variants. These two “lenses” help us zero in on our personality traits with greater accuracy and specificity. 

The Enneagram is also unique among personality typologies in that it shows us ways to develop. It precisely maps out the patterns of our growth as well as those which get us into trouble. Through the levels of development and the directions of integration and disintegration, we can understand the dynamics of our personality.

One of the billions of beautiful things about Black people is our impact and influence. This includes when we have fought for our own rights and liberation-which has had immense ripple effects and inevitably inspired fight and the liberation of other groups and/or at times the whole collective.

This is because when an oppressed group fights for their human and civil rights, it benefits the population at large.

This is exactly why we are here, it is the whole purpose of ME. While The Enneagram is a tool with origins in communities of color, there is little representation of the Black experience by teachers and in spaces that teach about this tool in today’s landscape.

For Black people, knowing ourselves is critical, not only for our survival, but also in order for us to thrive.

So many of the spaces we will occupy and the experiences we will have as Black beings will challenge our sense of belonging.

For us to know that in actuality, we can be connected to our own sense of belonging no matter where we go, is a game changer.


Black people liberated : Liberation:: Black Women with a sense of Agency : Black Agency

As when Black people are liberated, all people are liberated, so is when Black Women knowing who they are, do Black people know who they are.

This is especially true for Black Women with a sense of purpose. Purposed Black women tend to be women who bring their hearts to what they do.

This can be beautiful and powerful...and it can be tragic.

The heart can be deceitful when unanchored. Pair this with the lies we are fed about our being and our Blackness as Black women and it becomes evident why learning how to resource “knowing” who you are is so pivotal and why the world is so hell-bent on disrupting that knowing for Black Women.

There is no resource that brings together the Black Experience (including history, faith, and love),  Black Agency, and The Enneagram as elements for Black people to learn from.  At ME we learn about these elements as tools for Black people to learn how to use to liberate ourselves from racism and white supremacy, while also integrating special elements of Black culture, and a community of like-minded Black leaders to make connections.


What does this have to do with Blackness?
What makes ME different from other Enneagram resources?
What does this have to do with Black Women and Purpose?
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