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Welcome to Melanated Enneagram

The Enneagram is a personality assessment tool that is popularly used to promote self-discovery, encourage empathy, and foster personal growth. It references nine primary archetypes, or personality groups, each identified by a number. These numerical values are charted on various points of the Enneagram’s physical representation as a geometric shape.

The Enneagram sheds light on those parts of ourselves that we have been blind to or hiding from. It can help us pinpoint and personalize our understanding through a finer set of distinctions than the nine basic types. Each type has two Wings and three Instinctual Variants. These two “lenses” help us zero in on our personality traits with greater accuracy and specificity. 

About Melanated Enneagram Coaching

“The place in which I fit will not exist until I make it.”- James Baldwin

As a coach, I teach high-achieving Black Women how to navigate their Blackness and their purpose with confidence in white spaces.

2020. Toxic politics + the worst parts of this country + Pandemics on pandemics on pandemics . It was madness.

It was also the most challenging season of my life personally.

I coped by working. I had been using the enneagram as a tool with my clients for years. I have attended lots of trainings, have been a part of multiple enneagram communities and the need for a space with teachers who look like me was blaring.

I got certified as an enneagram coach and a Clini-coach® and created The Melanated Enneagram.

ME Coaching is space for us to learn about our experience as Black women in this country, Black agency, and the enneagram. Here, we learn how to stay true to who we are and our purpose-no matter what spaces we are in-and how managing to do this is actively dismantling the racist, oppressive systems designed to keep us out.

Thank you for being here,



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